Apple Jelly Shots

Ever whittled a shot cup out of an apple?

I’m sure many people are already familiar wih the idea of eating a jelly shot out of a hollowed-out orange (I used a clementine once), but I’d never previously heard of anyone using an apple, so had to try it out myself.

The ingredients will all come down to personal preference, but I used the following:

– An apple (I used a Golden Delicious apple)
– Three cubes of jelly per apple (I used Blackcurrant-flavoured jelly)
– Roughly 50ml water per apple (though I wasn’t exact with my measurements)
– Jim Beam Red Stag Whiskey for one side of apple
– Bols’ Blue Curacao for the other side

Melt the jelly cubes in water, and allow to cool.

Carefully hollow-out your apple, add a dash of your chosen beverage, then top up with jelly mix.

There's no non-messy photogenic way of doing this, apparently,

There’s no non-messy photogenic way of doing this, apparently,


Place in fridge and chill over night.

The end result of the Bols side.

The end result of the Bols side.

Also made a second attempt - I'l admit, the first one had a leak.

Also made a second attempt – I’l admit, the first one had a leak.

The verdict? Oh, definitely try it out yourself.

The Red Stag (Black Cherry) half.

The Red Stag (Black Cherry) half.


Chicken in Jack Daniel’s & Barbecue sauce and pastry

Hi all, Danny here again. I have a belief that you can make anything awesome by:

a)Wrapping it in pastry, or
b)Covering it in barbecue sauce, or
c)Adding a little alcohol (maybe, haha)

So, I decided to try putting this together. Aside from the ingredients I’d decided on and bought earlier that day, I pretty much made this up as I went along, hoping for the best! Oh and I should point out that I couldn’t think of a snappier name for this.

Note: At the time of cooking this, I didn’t realise I’d end up blogging it, so haven’t got as many photo’s as I’d like.

I used:
300g cooked chicken (approx)
1 500g pack of pastry
A selection of fresh vegetables (I opted for a 170g babycorn, broccoli and mangetout selection pack, but you can use whatever you prefer), washed before use
A bottle of regular barbecue sauce
Jack Daniel’s Whisky

First, half the pastry and roll out one half – it doesn’t have to be overly neat, but just be the right size and shape to accomodate the filling to come, so roll to fill almost the length of the baking tray, remembering to grease the tray first.

Next, chop up the chicken pieces. Then do the same to the vegetables, and mix together.

Take one empty bowl, and add a dash or two of Jack Daniel’s to it. Then, add in the barbecue sauce and mix in – again, you can adjust the measurements to your own tastes, but I used roughly two thirds of the sauce bottle. When you are satisfied with the sauce mix, pour this over the meat and veg. I added the sauce a little at a time, mixing then adding more until everything was covered.

Chicken in sauce 1CIMG4602

Add this mix to the rolled-out pastry and arrange to fit, then roll out the other half of the pastry and cover, making sure to seal the pastry to prevent leakage.

After a quick milk wash, it’s ready to go into the oven, gas mark 7, for roughly 20 minutes.

Chicken in sauce 2Chicken in sauce 3

End result – very nice indeed! I intend to make it again. I’m glad the experiment worked.

Chicken in sauce 4Chicken in sauce 5

Good luck if you decide to make this too!