No-bake Birthday Pizza

I apologise for nothing.

If you haven’t got time to do a proper cake, or just fancy a slice of nonsense, try this simple idea instead – a no-bake Birthday pizza.

I used:
One fresh plain pizza base
One tube of blue icing
Silver decorative pearls/dragees
Caramel crunch pieces
Chocolate-orange cake decorations


No cooking or much prepping required – kneaded the icing tube before appying as instructed, spread on the base then added the ingredients, which can be varied according to taste.


Doesn’t need to be overly neat.


Done, and ready to eat. Perfect if you like injecting a silly sense of humour into everything, allowing for more time for drink, erm, celebrating. Ahem.



Sunday Roast Pizza

Another idea for those leftovers….

Another quick and easy one – if you’re ever stuck for ideas on how to get leftovers used up quickly, or just hate seeing food go to waste, give this a try.

This was my first attempt at this one, turned out nice – roast pork, roast potato, broccoli and sage & onion stuffing, on a pizza base. I used a pre-made pizza base and pizza sauce, but mixed a little gravy into the sauce before spreading it on the base, to give it a slightly beefier flavour. Intentionally left out any cheese for this one.

Only takes 8-10 minutes in the oven, gas mark 7.

Think I might try it again, with chicken next time.

Before cooking.

Before cooking.

Please see also, my pie idea –

Banoffee-choc Dessert Pizza

A sweet twist on a savoury classic

A simple enough idea, again based around a Banoffee theme – after I recently discovered Dr. Oetker’s Banoffee decorations whilst looking for ingredients, I had to! Also, given how pleased I was with my previous one from some time ago (, I thought I’d try another with a different topping.

I used:
One pre-made pizza base, available from any good supermarket
Chocolate spread
One banana (though I didn’t use a whole one)
Dr. Oetker’s Banoffee decorations
A handful of glace cherries
Mini marshmallows
Toffee dessert syrup







You can choose to eat it as is, or perhaps place under the grill/in the oven for a few minutes, though I would advise to monitor it throughout, to avoid overcooking.

Dessert pizza, AKA ‘Sweetza’

Hello RKE readers, Danny here, finally making the time to contribute something. This is actually my latest experiment – a dessert pizza, or, as my youngest brother referred to it, a ‘Sweetza’; a much better name. I’ve had this idea floating around for a while, and finally had to do something with it, not really knowing how well it’d turn out but curiosity got the better of me. Using a pre-made base and some imagination, here’s what happpened.

I used:
1 pre-made base
One jar of mixed fruit jam (used just under half a jar, but you could use a little less if preferred)
Some white chocolate for grating
White chocolate ‘snowies’/’jazzles’
Half a banana, to be sliced
Toffee sauce
A handful of grapes, to be sliced
A packet of Fruit Pastilles


Started by covering the base with mixed fruit jam (which surely counts as 25,263 of your 5-a-day, right? Right?), then grating the white chocolate over it, as opposed to the more traditional tomato sauce and cheese, intentionally aiming for something that would look similar.

Dessert pizza 1 basic

Then, slice half a banana, and coat each slice in a little toffee sauce when adding to the ‘pizza’.


Next, add the snowies/jazzles and sliced grapes, making sure to distribute evenly, and a few Fruit Pastilles. I used less of the latter than the other ingredients

Then, add more grated white chocolate, and if desired, a little more of whichever topping, as I did. Now it is ready to go into the oven, pre-heated at gas mark 6, roughly 10-12 minutes. Again this will come down to personal preference, but at least 10 minutes should do it, with monitoring.

Dessert pizza 2 ready to be cooked

The finished ‘pizza’. The misty parts are grape juice, which really tasted nice mixed in with the jam. I’ve yet to offer it around to friends (this will come next time), but it was enjoyed by my family, so a good start!

CIMG4909Dessert pizza 3 finished

If this sounds appealing to you, but you’d like to use alternate ingredients, I’ll suggest marshmellows, coconut or other fruits. Either way, hope you enjoy!

Note: As the bases came in packs of two, I used the other to make a barbecue sauce-based chinese chicken, prawn and
babycorn pizza, which also turned out well!
Pizza 2 barbecue