No-bake Birthday Pizza

I apologise for nothing.

If you haven’t got time to do a proper cake, or just fancy a slice of nonsense, try this simple idea instead – a no-bake Birthday pizza.

I used:
One fresh plain pizza base
One tube of blue icing
Silver decorative pearls/dragees
Caramel crunch pieces
Chocolate-orange cake decorations


No cooking or much prepping required – kneaded the icing tube before appying as instructed, spread on the base then added the ingredients, which can be varied according to taste.


Doesn’t need to be overly neat.


Done, and ready to eat. Perfect if you like injecting a silly sense of humour into everything, allowing for more time for drink, erm, celebrating. Ahem.



Cocktail Ice Cubes

A Sunrise in ice….

With summer coming in strong, I wanted to create something in the cocktail vein that would also help keep things a little cooler.

I used:
Echo Falls’ peach & mango wine
Pineapple juice
Orange juice
Bitter Lemon (optional)
Blue Curacao-injected grapes (optional)


I took a mixing jug and poured in one part wine to three parts pineapple juice (to ensure it froze properly), then added a dash of orange juice. I then poured it carefully into an ice tray, dripped in some grenadine into one half of the cubes with a straw, then placed in the freezer.


Around 90 minutes into freezing time, I then took the tray out and dripped in some grenadine into the remaining cubes, so that they looked like this….


Thought I’d see if I could get a marbled effect. I then placed them back into the freezer, to remain there overnight.

This was the end result.


To serve, I poured a glass of bitter lemon, added a couple of cubes and also threw in a couple of grapes that I had injected with blue curacao.


I was quite pleased with the result, both visually and taste-wise, and may play with the idea again in the future.


Bakewell Tart shot

For National Amaretto Day

I heard that it was National Amaretto Day today via Twitter, so thought I’d share this quick and simple one today – a ‘Bakewell Tart Shot’, created to taste just like the popular cherry-topped tart.

Simply pour a shot of Disaronno Amaretto into a glass, and add a dash of Grenadine. Combining the almond and raspberry flavours, you’ll notice the similarity. Cherry optional!


Hope you’re enjoying the themed shots I’ve posted, there will be more to come.

How To Make Minion & Frozen Shots

Let It Flooowww

These were actually among the first themed shots that I created last year, when I started to play around with shots using popular culture as inspiration, so thought it was about time I posted them up here.

The ‘Minion’ shot


Banana juice
Orange juice
Blue Curacao

I’ve made a whole load of cocktails using banana juice (also very nice on its own), this was the first shot. Mix two parts banana juice with one part orange juice, just enough to get a bolder yellow colour, then add a dash of Blue Curacao.

The ‘Frozen’ shot


This actually happened after a request from a friend, a fan of Frozen, to make one based on the animated film.

Simply a measure of Bitter Lemon, with a dash of Blue Curacao.

Have fun trying these, there will be more to come.


For those curious:

Banana juice cocktails –

Other themed shots:

Sweet/candy shop shots –

Austin 3:16 –

Chocolate Egg Shots (+ drinking game)

Drinking to eggs-cess? (I apologise for nothing)

It’s a little late for Easter this year, but you can still try this any time of the year – using a surprise egg as a shot glass. It’s an idea a friend of mine once tried, and I knew I just had to give it a go when I saw the photo they’d uploaded. At the time though, I didn’t realise it can be tricky getting a photo of a perfect half!


I used Jaffa Cake flavoured schnapps for this, which conveniently looked like egg yolk in the photos….

I didn’t just try this with a Kinder Egg – I also tried this with another variety (an Avengers one, for those curious, I couldn’t resist!), which brings me to the next part….


The ‘Mystery Shot’ drinking game

Here’s a game to try with friends, using the case from a surprise egg. You’ll need at least two, but I’d say around four or five would be ideal. Pour a different shot in each one, close then mix them about and see what you get. Each one of these is large enough to hold a shot’s worth of alcohol.


Obviously it’s more of a mystery if you use a few cases of the same colour, or spirits of similar colour, this is just to show that you can use either Kinder cases (which won’t actually leak, despite their appearance) or another variety.


This bottom one contains Sour Blueberry flavoured Mickey Finn.

Feeling tempted? Have fun!

Sweet Shop Shots (part 1)

Adult refreshments inspired by childhood treats

Over the past several months, I’ve been playing around with various themes for shots and cocktails. These include films, Marvel superheroes, cakes and this one – sweets (or ‘candy’, depending on where you are). Having discovered that it was possible to purchase Fruit Salad and Black Jack-flavoured schnapps, I was inspired to expand on that theme and see what others I could come up with. Feeling nostalgic? I was!

Sweet Shop‘ – Bubble Gum Soda & Fruit Salad schnapps

Combined them to make a shot, and also a cocktail.


Bountiful‘ – Chocolate Mickey Finn & Coconut Rum

The clue’s in the name!


Fruity Jack‘ – Black Jack & Fruit Salad schnapps

Had to put the two together!


Raspberry Creme‘ – Chocolate Mickey Finn & Grenadine

You know the Raspberry Creme chocolate you often get in boxes of chocolate?


Jelly Peach‘ – Peach schnapps, Orange juice and Grenadine

Served with the inspiration behind it. I was so happy to discover that it was still possible to buy peach jellies, as they were a favourite of mine.


This is just the first handful I’ve made – I’ll post the next part once I’ve tried out some other ideas. Hope you enjoy these.




Savoury Popcorn

JD Honey Barbecue & Bacon Crumbles/Sweet & Sour/Jalapeno Sauce & Mango Chutney/Peanut Butter/Cranberry Jelly-enhanced snacks!

I haven’t posted anything savoury on here for a while, and this is something I’ve been wanting to do again (after trying out Rocky Road Popcorn last year), so here it is – how to put a unique twist on an old party/snack favourite. I knew it could end badly in various ways, as I was making the method up as I went along (though the ingredients were mostly pre-planned) – thankfully, it all seemed to work out!


I used:
2 ounces of popping corn
2 ounces of butter

1 tablespoon of peanut butter

Jack Daniel’s Honey Barbecue sauce
Bacon Crumbles

Jalapeno sauce
Mango chutney

1 sachet of Sweet & Sour sauce

Cranberry sauce

I started by making up a batch of popcorn in the standard method, melting the butter in a large saucepan, then adding the popping corn and covering, keeping in constant movement over a heated hob until the popping stopped. Once this was ready, I divided it up and added the different ingredients to each….

Peanut Butter Popcorn
Melt one tablespoon of peanut butter in a saucepan, add the popcorn then stir until covered.


Jack Daniel’s Honey Barbecue Sauce & Bacon Crumbles
Mix the bacon crumbles into the popcorn, add the sauce then stir until coated, adding more sauce if necessary.




Sweet & Sour Popcorn
Simply empty over the popcorn, and stir until covered.



Jalapeno Sauce & Mango Chutney
Approach with caution! This was the one I was mostly worried about getting wrong, as I wanted to get the right balance between spicy and tasty, something with a kick but not overpowering. Add the Jalapeno sauce, then the chutney, and mix in until covered. It’s worth doing a taste test as you go along to make sure, especially if you intend on sharing around. I managed to balance it so that you got the sweetness first, with a little creeping heat after!



Cranberry Sauce
This is actually sweet not savoury, but occurred spontaneously as I had some popcorn leftover and thought I’d try something else with whatever I could find in the fridge/cupboard. All the other ingredients had been bought on the day. I mixed the sauce with a little hot water first to make it easier to mix, then stirred into the popcorn.


Out of the five, I think the barbecue-flavoured one is my favourite, with the spicy one coming a close second.

Have fun if you try this too.