Pancake Day 2017

Irish Cream/Coffee-Choc/Cocktail/Hunter’s Chicken Pancakes

It was about time I posted something new on here, what better excuse than Pancake Day. I didn’t want to just repeat what I’ve tried previously, so thought I’d test out some new ideas this year. I’m pleased to say I was able to try out four of the five I came up with this year, though I may still use that fifth another time….

First of all, for those who might find it useful, here’s the recipe I followed. It’s from an old recipe book that my mum has had for years, now preserved with plastic sleeves.

Irish Cream Pancake
My first attempt at an alcoholic pancake – I mixed in some Irish Meadow (similar to Baileys) with the batter for this one, after it was suggested by a friend. It turned out nice, would definitely try it again. No additional filling was needed.

Coffee-Choc Pancake
This turned out nice too, but (bearing in mind it was a first attempt at this) it just didn’t turn out overly photogenic! I took a spoonful of coffee granules and blended them up with just a little milk, then added this to the batter. Once made, I then used some chocolate syrup as a filling.

Cocktail ‘Blob’ Pancake
Another alcoholic attempt, it was a bit of a gamble as I wasn’t certain that it would turn out right. I added cocktail favourites grenadine and blue curacao to this one, dripped in using a straw (with my thumb over one end to create a vacuum, released over the batter). Ideally, it’s a two-person job; one person holds the pan and pours the batter in, whilst the other then drips the drinks in as soon as the batter hits the pan – any later and it won’t mix with the batter. It looked odd at first (as expected/hoped) but it turned out great. A cocktail you can eat.

Hunter’s Chicken Pancake
I can never resist twisting the classic Hunter’s Chicken recipe into new ideas, and thought I’d use that as my first attempt at a savoury pancake. Tried this one a couple of days after Pancake Day, cooking for friends – a friend had made the batter, and by sheer fluke I managed to create decent American-style pancakes on the first attempt. I laid on some cooked chicken, some bacon I had just fried and then poured on some Jack Daniel’s Honey barbecue sauce, before folding the pancake, taco-style. These tasted great and were enjoyed by all.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading, and enjoyed your Pancake Day too.

Pancake Day 2015 –


Pancake Day 2015 – Milkshake and Choc-Orange Pancakes

Flipping good (sorry)

This year, I thought I’d make my first attempts at making pancakes, but in typical fashion, I wasn’t prepared to just settle for any old plain type, so here are my experiments for this year’s Pancake Day. I think they turned out okay for a first attempt!

Idea #1 – Banana Milkshake and Glace Cherry Pancake

This is regular pancake batter, flavoured with a couple of spoonfuls of Banana milkshake powder, and with a couple of finely-chopped Glace Cherries mixed in. It’s the latter part that I wasn’t certain would work, but it mixed and cooked just fine, though I didn’t quite get an even spread.


Idea #2 – Chocolate-Orange filled Pancake (well, Clementine segments and Bourbon Biscuit Chocolate spread, to be exact)

Regular batter, covered down the centre with Bourbon Biscuit Chocolate spread, on tip of which I placed some Clementine segments, as I personally prefer them over regular Oranges usually. I’d never tried fruit in a pancake before, and I’d definitely try it again sometime.


Idea #3 – Strawberry milkshake Pancake

Again just regular batter, but flavoured with a few spoonfuls of Strawberry milkshake powder. Out of the two milkshake flavoured pancakes, I prefered the Banana flavoured one (as did my family); not to say that it was bad, but it needs some tweaking.


Now to improve and think of ideas for next year!