How To Make Minion & Frozen Shots

Let It Flooowww

These were actually among the first themed shots that I created last year, when I started to play around with shots using popular culture as inspiration, so thought it was about time I posted them up here.

The ‘Minion’ shot


Banana juice
Orange juice
Blue Curacao

I’ve made a whole load of cocktails using banana juice (also very nice on its own), this was the first shot. Mix two parts banana juice with one part orange juice, just enough to get a bolder yellow colour, then add a dash of Blue Curacao.

The ‘Frozen’ shot


This actually happened after a request from a friend, a fan of Frozen, to make one based on the animated film.

Simply a measure of Bitter Lemon, with a dash of Blue Curacao.

Have fun trying these, there will be more to come.


For those curious:

Banana juice cocktails –

Other themed shots:

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Banana & Pineapple Mocktail

For when you need to be sensible!

Whilst coming out of the end of a rare weekend hangover, I felt my thirst returning but obviously didn’t want anything with a kick just yet – this was the result.

I used:
Banana juice
Pineapple juice

Pour the banana juice in first, to just below halfway. Add an equal amount of pineapple juice, then top up with Vimto. No need to stir.


A few friends took an interest, so thought I’d share it here. I can’t promise it’ll cure a hangover…. but it’s worth a shot!

‘Summer Jack’ cocktail

A winter blues beater (or, how to turn Winter Jack on its head)

This started off as one idea, that morphed into something better. Why wait for the seasons to change?

I used, in this order:

– A shot of Cococabana coconut rum (Did you know that I’ve been spelling that wrong this entire time? Random fact.)
– Banana juice
– Pineapple juice
– A dash of Vimto
– A shot of Jack Daniel’s Winter Jack apple whiskey (though you could possibly reverse the last two)

Initially, I made this with the first four ingredients, but it tasted like something was missing, like it needed something extra to finish it off. Reaching for the Winter Jack, I realised that’s what it was – it needed an apple-y kick to finish. Given that it’s such an important role, I chose to name this after that key ingredient.



Here’s another one to add to the growing list of cocktails that incorporates banana juice – I recommend it if you can find it.

Banana Juice and Coconut Rum Cocktails

Cocktail Banana-rama

Whilst out on recent trip to the supermarket, I happened across a stock of Banana Juice for the first time. Also seeing that they had Pineapple and Grape sodas, it became impossible to resist picking them up for some experiments.


Also picked up a bottle of Copacabana (Coconut-flavoured Caribbean Rum), which you can normally purchase for around £4-£5, depending on where you shop. It’s quite similar to Malibu, but with a slightly lower alcohol content.

Over the course of a few days, I made a selection of different cocktails, each using a base of a shot of Copacabana and twice as much Banana Juice to start with.

On a rotation, I used:
Banana Juice
Copacabana Rum
Pineapple Soda
Grape Soda
Bols’ Blue Curacao
Orange & Passion Fruit J2O


First one: This was mostly Banana juice, with a dash of Copacabana and Grenadine.


Next one: Reduced the amount of Banana juice, added Pineapple soda.


Third: Same as above, with a dash of Grenadine added.


Fourth: This time used the Grape Soda, got a nice deep purple colour out of it too – a good idea for a name, perhaps…


Fifth: As above, but with a dash of Grenadine.


Sixth: Same again but with some Bols’ Blue Curacao added – this was my favourite in both taste and colour.


Seventh: For the last one, I used the same base with some Orange & Passion Fruit J2O juice and grenadine.

All I need now are names for most of them! I’ll be picking up these same base ingredients again, to re-make and continue to try different combinations.