No-bake Birthday Pizza

I apologise for nothing.

If you haven’t got time to do a proper cake, or just fancy a slice of nonsense, try this simple idea instead – a no-bake Birthday pizza.

I used:
One fresh plain pizza base
One tube of blue icing
Silver decorative pearls/dragees
Caramel crunch pieces
Chocolate-orange cake decorations


No cooking or much prepping required – kneaded the icing tube before appying as instructed, spread on the base then added the ingredients, which can be varied according to taste.


Doesn’t need to be overly neat.


Done, and ready to eat. Perfect if you like injecting a silly sense of humour into everything, allowing for more time for drink, erm, celebrating. Ahem.



Hunters Chicken Lasagna in Jack Daniel’s Honey Barbecue Sauce

Happy Birthday ‘Jack’ Daniel (part 2)

I thought it was about time I tried something else savoury, and being a big fan of both Lasagna and Hunters Chicken, I thought I’d try combining the two, with the added twist of using Jack Daniel’s Honey Barbecue glaze, in honour of Jasper Newton Daniel’s recent September Birthday.


I’ll admit now, the first attempt was a complete failure – this was the second attempt!

I used:
Lasagna pasta sheets (I used five, including one at the bottom)
Smoked Back Bacon rashers
Around 230g of cooked Chicken
Jack Daniel’s Honey Barbecue glaze
Grated Cheddar cheese

I pre-cooked the pasta sheets, and fried the bacon lightly first.

I then layered the ingredients in a baking tin, coating each layer with barbecue sauce.


When ready, I added a generous heaping of grated/sliced cheese on top, then placed in the middle of the oven.


I set the oven to gas mark 4, as the ingredients were already pre-cooked, and monitored every couple of minutes until I was satisfied that the cheese had melted to cover, with just the right colour.


Given that the first attempt hadn’t worked, I was quite relieved to find that this one was great, and my family enjoyed it too – I’m already getting requests to make another.


A (slightly belated) Happy Birthday to Jasper Newton ‘Jack’ Daniel!

Jack Daniel’s & Cola Jelly Float

Happy Birthday Jasper ‘Jack’ Daniel

What’s a Birthday celebration without jelly and ice cream? Well, for JD’s Birthday this year, I thought I’d create a suitably grown-up version, having recently found out that I can now purchase jelly powder locally – a Jack Daniel’s & Cola Jelly Float, of sorts.


Using one sachet and the measurements specified, I was able to create three jellies.


Allowing time to set (I’d recommend overnight at the very least), here’s how it turned out – great! I was happy with the result.


Happy Birthday Jasper Newton ‘Jack’ Daniel, and thanks – long may you continue to be invited to all celebrations. Cheers!