Unusual mealtime quirks/OCDs

Have any mealtime rituals or habits?

It’s been a while since I posted anything here, and this time I thought I’d try something a little different – think this is the first time I’ve ever actually written about myself anywhere.

I’ve only recently became consciously aware of just how many mealtime habits I have that some others might find a little unusual (or not, perhaps?) – never really gave them much thought before, but once I caught myself doing one, I suddenly thought more about the others. I’m sure though, there are plenty of other people out there that have their own unique habits and rituals that might seem equally strange to others. Here are mine, or at least, the ones I’ve became aware of.

– Certain meals MUST be arranged on the plate in a certain way, to maximise the enjoyment – examples include Sunday roasts, and (because it’s one example of comfort food) hot sausage rolls, chips and beans. It means that the gravy/bean sauce (just examples) touches all the food it’s supposed to, and not the food I’d prefer it didn’t. I’d recommend hot sausage rolls with beans any day, especially where one half (lengthways) has been covered in beans/bean sauce.

– If there’s a dollop of tomato sauce/another condiment on the side of the plate, I refuse to have any leftover sauce left after the meal is finished; it WILL ALL get used!

– Similarly with gravy, curry sauce, bean sauce or pie filling – it will all get mopped up over the course of the meal, with little left on the plate at the end. In fact I often feel compelled to start mopping up any pie filling with my chips as soon as it touches the plate’s surface. Maybe I’m just a clean freak.

– I refuse to leave any random grains of rice scattered randomly on the plate. Not just because I like rice too much to leave any grains behind, it’s a waste and it also looks messy too. It bugs me when I see people do it on TV. Laugh all you like at these previous few – they at least help when washing up!

– The final mouthful of any meal should be the ultimate one, a summary of all that was great about that dish.

– When eating a homemade sandwich, if some of the contents spills onto the plate whilst eating, I know I’ve done a decent job. For the record, at the time of adding this one, I’d just finished a ham, crunchy salad and salad cream sandwich. Is sandwich making an unrecognised artform?

– I’m not a fan of Alphabet spaghetti – it’s all in capitals, so I feel like I’m being shouted at. Don’t need that kind of pressure at breakfast time.

Ok I admit, that last one might just be a lie.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this insight into my funny little mind. Feel free to mention yours.