Chocolate Egg Shots (+ drinking game)

Drinking to eggs-cess? (I apologise for nothing)

It’s a little late for Easter this year, but you can still try this any time of the year – using a surprise egg as a shot glass. It’s an idea a friend of mine once tried, and I knew I just had to give it a go when I saw the photo they’d uploaded. At the time though, I didn’t realise it can be tricky getting a photo of a perfect half!


I used Jaffa Cake flavoured schnapps for this, which conveniently looked like egg yolk in the photos….

I didn’t just try this with a Kinder Egg – I also tried this with another variety (an Avengers one, for those curious, I couldn’t resist!), which brings me to the next part….


The ‘Mystery Shot’ drinking game

Here’s a game to try with friends, using the case from a surprise egg. You’ll need at least two, but I’d say around four or five would be ideal. Pour a different shot in each one, close then mix them about and see what you get. Each one of these is large enough to hold a shot’s worth of alcohol.


Obviously it’s more of a mystery if you use a few cases of the same colour, or spirits of similar colour, this is just to show that you can use either Kinder cases (which won’t actually leak, despite their appearance) or another variety.


This bottom one contains Sour Blueberry flavoured Mickey Finn.

Feeling tempted? Have fun!


Easter Egg Pie

No eggs-acellent puns….whoops

Shortly before Easter, a friend suggested that I “make something Easter-themed”. I agreed. “Make a flan!”, he then suggested. He may have been joking at this point, but that was enough to get the ideas flowing, ideas which then turned into a Mini Egg Pie (the Rocky Road Pie I also made was a practise of-sorts for this, though luckily that became something good too).

It’s a simple enough recipe; take a handful of different types of miniature eggs, and cover them in melted cooking chocolate.

I used:
1 300g (large) bar of milk chocolate for cooking
1 ready-made sweet pie crust
Mini Eggs
Caramel Eggs
Smarties Eggs
Milkybar Eggs
Strawberry flavoured frosting powder


Lay the eggs out in the pie crust, then cover evenly with the melted chocolate.


Allow to cool, chill overnight in the fridge, then cover with icing sugar or flavoured icing powder.


I then proceeded to take many photos….


If you’ve got any leftover chocolate or eggs, or need an idea for next Easter (I’d originally hoped to get this posted sooner), here you are. I should point out that yes, I know that many people may think that the words ‘leftover’ and ‘chocolate’ don’t belong together at all!

Rocky Road (To Hell) Pie

Parental supervision is advised (apparently!)

A simple enough idea – a homemade (well, cheated with the crust) Rocky Road Pie. Marshmallows, mixed fruit and glace cherries coated in melted chocolate.


The chocolate DID NOT want to cooperate in the melting process though. You know how they say “Always ask for assistance from a grown-up”….yeah, haha.

Turned out ok though. Allow to cool, then chill overnight.


This was actually a test run for something similar I want to do for Easter, so I’ll hopefully post that next month.

Rocky Road Popcorn

A twist on a snack favourite

Inspired by a recent video posted online by the people at SORTED Food (posted below), I thought I’d try making popcorn with a twist too – Rocky Road popcorn. This was my first attempt, and I followed my own improvised method, rather than follow any already online.

I used:
2 ounces of popcorn kernals
2 ounces of butter
Glace Cherries, chopped
Chocolate chips
Mini Marshmallows

Two ounces makes a nice bowlful.

2 ounces makes a nice bowlful.








In a large pan, melt your butter over a high heat, swirling around to make sure the bottom is completely coated.

Add the kernals and cover the pan, swirling closely over the heat. Ensure the cover is on firmly (use a teatowel to hold in place) as you do this. You may find it useful to use a glass saucepan lid. Keep it on the move to avoid burning any popcorn.

Once popped, turn off heat and add in the rest of the ingredients and mix whilst still warm, then transfer to a bowl – a microwaveable one if you wish to add in further ingredients to mix in, as I did, though this will come down to personal preference. An additional 40 seconds in the microwave should suffice, should you wish to add in more; just coat with further marshmallows and chips, then stir in after heating again.

Looked nice, but I decided further Rocky Road ingredients were required....

Looked nice, but I decided further Rocky Road ingredients were required…. added more on top, microwaved for 40 seconds and mixed.

….so added more on top, microwaved for 40 seconds and mixed.

This went down well with everyone who tried it – turns out it works well as a handy snack on a night out!


Sorted Food’s popcorn video:

Bourbon Swirl

A quick dessert idea

After recently discovering that a certain well-known supermarket has launched a Bourbon Biscuit Chocolate Spread, I couldn’t resist the idea of seeing what I could do with it – I opted to go back to the old tried and tested pastry swirl recipe. It’s simple and doesn’t take long to prepare and cook.

You’ll need:
– 1 sheet of puff pastry (I used a pre-rolled sheet)
– Bourbon Biscuit Chocolate SpreadĀ  (though I’m sure regular Chocolate Spread and Bourbon biscuits will suffice!)
– A handful of crushed Hob Nob biscuits
– Mini marshmellows


Lay out the pastry, and apply a layer of spread, allowing for space to fold, as demonstrated.


Sprinkle the crushed Hob Nobs (as generous as you choose to be) and the marshmellows on top, fold and repeat.


Continue until you’re just left to fold the final pastry layer to cover. Apply a milk wash, then place in the oven, pre-heated at gas mark 7 for 15-20 minutes.


When ready, it’ll look something like this.



It’s nice to eat either warm or chilled, as a sweet snack or dessert.


Banoffee-choc Dessert Pizza

A sweet twist on a savoury classic

A simple enough idea, again based around a Banoffee theme – after I recently discovered Dr. Oetker’s Banoffee decorations whilst looking for ingredients, I had to! Also, given how pleased I was with my previous one from some time ago (, I thought I’d try another with a different topping.

I used:
One pre-made pizza base, available from any good supermarket
Chocolate spread
One banana (though I didn’t use a whole one)
Dr. Oetker’s Banoffee decorations
A handful of glace cherries
Mini marshmallows
Toffee dessert syrup







You can choose to eat it as is, or perhaps place under the grill/in the oven for a few minutes, though I would advise to monitor it throughout, to avoid overcooking.

Battered Mars Bar….and Celebrations

Just a bit of fun with a Scottish idea

I’ve been wanting to try a battered Mars bar for ages (for those unaware, it’s an idea that originated in Scotland’s chip shops in the mid-90s), so thought I’d have a go at doing it myself – in typical fashion though, I wanted to do something different with the idea though, and then I remembered I still had some Celebrations…. By happy coincidence, I attempted this the week before Shrove Tuesday/Pancake Day, so I’ve even managed to be topical too – here’s an idea if you fancy doing something different with extra batter mix.


If, like I have here, you use some mixed chocolates, you can add an element of mystery to it, as it’s impossible to tell the chocolates apart once they’re all battered. NOTE: Please do bear that in mind beforehand, if you know people with nut/other allergies.

Batter mix:
125g plain flour (plus extra flour to coat the chocolates in)
1 egg
A dash of salt
A jug containing 75ml water and 75ml milk

Whisk all the ingredients in a bowl – the batter needs to be thick, so do play around with the measurements if desired.

I used a deep frying pan and a couple of inches of cooking oil. Heat up the oil on your hob, and coat the chocolates in flour. When the pan is sufficiently hot enough (you can use the ‘cocktail stick test’ to judge – place one end in the oil, and watch for bubbles to appear), dip each chocolate in the batter mix, then place in the pan. Allow to cook until the batter coating is golden brown, then carefully remove with tongs and repeat with each chocolate.


Tasted great! I have friends demanding I make more for them too, so looks like I’ll be doing this again in the near future.