We’re a merry (well, sometimes way past merry) band of kitchen dabblers from Herts, with varying degrees of experience, who’ve decided to share some of our ideas, tips and recipes with everyone. Every so often we’ll each add new things we’ve tried; some of them conventional, others a little more….’interesting’, and off-the-wall!


Mystel (aka Mystel) – You poor, poor sods, stumbling upon us uploading pictures of our food. I bet we’re so low class we won’t even use instagram. You’re damn right we won’t! (Okay… we might.) I’m not professional – far from it – just someone who used to really enjoy baking and I wanted to get back into it. You just have to look at the pretty (and sometimes frankly scary) photos I post whereby I am going to show you how much “better” at it I am getting. Which means I’m probably not getting better at it at all, but I am having fun so what the hey. I am a shameless feeder. I like using Wilton supplies – I’m familiar with them, they make me comfortable, and I know how they work, so please expect to see a lot of it. Oh, and I type the way I talk. Sorry about that.

Daniel (aka Psyper) – I’m just an average guy who’s culinary skills extend as far as putting something from a cardboard box in to the oven and leaving it in there for 20 minutes hoping it wont burn.
however, I like eating, I feel that its an addiction. If I don’t eat at least twice a day I start getting withdrawals, feeling week, sweats, stomach pain etc etc so I thought rather than going cold turkey (….mmmm cold turkey…) I thought I’d try and be a little adventurous. So I thought I’d give cooking a go.
I have a pretty sweet tooth so I’ll probably be posting pretty much anything sugar related – I’ll try and keep the calories as low as possible as I’m watching my weight but its all relative so don’t expect healthy treats from me!!

Well thats pretty much about me.

Danny (aka Thursdayaddams) – I enjoy getting (experi)mental, often dabbling with improvised cocktails and things involving puff pastry. Having been inspired by Heston Blumenthal and Hannah Hart (host of My Drunk Kitchen) to be more inventive,  I’ll be posting up some of my endeavours. Music buff and amateur writer. Banoffee obsessive, noodle addict. Make friends with Barbecue sauce.

https://twitter.com/MusikalSin – http://thursdayaddams.wordpress.com/


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