Banana Cocktail Cubes

New ‘nana kicks

Continuing my experiments with amateur mixology, and my love for all things banana-flavoured, this is one of the ideas I wanted to try after managing to find a moderately-priced banana liqueur.

I used:

Banana juice
Creme De Bananes
Pineapple juice (optional)


First, mix one part creme de bananes to two parts banana juice, to ensure that it will freeze, then pour carefully into an ice cube tray.

Mix two parts grenadine (for the consistency) and one part Vimto (to give it a slightly darker colour), then drip a little carefully into each compartment using a straw. I think they almost resembled mini Rorschach tests….


Leave to freeze overnight for 24 hours, and they’ll look like this….


Being a first attempt at this one, I wasn’t 100% sure at the time if they’d freeze properly, but it worked with some careful prising, and they looked exactly how I wanted.


They taste great on their own, but I also tried a couple in some pineapple juice.


Have fun trying these yourself!


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